All of the grapes for our wines are grown in Napa Valley Vineyards which we develop, planted and nurtured.

Throughout the growing season, meticulous attention is given to each of the vineyards so that the finest quality grapes are produced. Ahnfeldt Vineyard Management LLC managed by our son Garrett, was formed in 2003 to farm these vineyards and ensure that attention is given to even the smallest details of growing fabulous grapes.

In the winter, the vines are pruned, and thereafter trained in the spring, as the vine shoots sprout. The blend of the grapes from our different vineyards with their differences in soil conditions, rootstock, clones, and micro climates produce grapes which make complex, yet smooth elegant wines.

Kreuse Canyon Vineyard

This hillside Cabernet vineyard is located in South East portion of Napa Valley known as the Tulcay-Coombsville region. Test pits were dug to examine the soil characteristics and analyze the soil. After laboratory analysis, rootstock was chosen with Cabernet Clone Four grafted onto it. The characteristics of the grapes from this vineyard are fruity and smooth with just the right amount of tannins.

Monticello Vineyard

Located near Silverado County Club, this Cabernet vineyard is planted on fertile soil and borders Sarco Creek. Wappo Indians lived on this land and a short distance up Sarco Creek from this vineyard is a recognized Indian historical site.

After extensive analysis, rootstock was planted and clones 337 and 4 chosen and grafted onto the rootstock. Additional Bordeaux varieties of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc were also planted. These grapes will be used to blend with the Cabernet and Merlot grapes to produce a classic Bordeaux blend.

Hardman Vineyard

Merlot grapes from this vineyard, located in the Eastern portion of the mid Napa Valley, are used for our Merlot Wine and also used to blend into the Cabernet wine.
Soils analysis revealed a layer of clay under the fertile top soil. The appropriate root stock was selected for these soil conditions. This vineyard produces a smooth, fruity yet bold Merlot.